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Animals have always been a part of my life. I started out caring for cats and worked myself up to being a biologist and environmentalist. I have graduated from Kansas Wesleyan University with a degee in Science, majoring in Biology and a minor in Environmental Studies. I have a year experience working at a zoo and a lifetime experience working with family pets. I have knowledge in enrichment techniques, some basic training techniques, playing techniques, and have worked with some pets that have medical issues like blindness and diabeties. A hobby of mine is cooking too, so I am also in the process of creating natural homemade pet treats. I wanted a career that put all my different loves and passions into one area and to be flexible. This is how Adventures In Pet Sitting was created. The name is a play off of the oldie but goodie classic movie Adventures In Babysitting. The colors were chosen to look a bit like an old comic book with vibrant popping reds, blues, and yellows. This matches my personality well because I am radiant with love for all creatures and people. This is my passion and something I have always wanted to do which was to work with animals and cook natural homemade items. Now, I am able to do both.

My story started out owning cats when I was a little girl. I had two calico cats named Strawberry and Kimberley, who were mother and daughter. Unfortunately, we had to give them away when we moved out to the country when I was going into fifth grade. After the move, my family got five black cats (one was named twitched because his ear would randomly start twitching) and two dogs (one was my dad’s hunting dog and the other was a black lab heeler mix which belonged to my brother). Ever since then, our family of pets grown and grown. In the country life, you have the native animals (turtles, mice, turkies, etc.) but you also have the farm animals (chickens, cattle, pigs).

Now that I have grown and moved out of the country home, I had to bring a little bit of my love with me. So I adopted a pup from an owner who was going to put them down if he could not get rid of them. This little pup was named after my Gramps because he was my best friend and one who pushed me to succeed in my dreams and passions and my mother who made strong during the difficult times. I named her PoPiLynn; who is now a seven-year-old Australian Shepherd Lab Mix. She loves roaming the country with her new pal Blue who is a Blue and Red Heeler pup that belongs to my dad. She always remebers to come home when her day of playing is done though. My life is surrounded by the family and friends who love me and the creatures that I love and have such a strong passion for.



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